All about blood and blood-feeding creatures (sanguivores)

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"I was totally absorbed by this thoroughly charming and scientifically accurate account."                         --Edward O. Wilson


"Dark Banquet (is) a jaunty, instructive and charmingly graphic look at nature's born phlebotomists."           --The New York Times (Natalie Angier)


"A natural history of bloodsuckers that shines in gory glory."--Kirkus Review

"Witty and illuminating... Schutt's fascination for 'sanguivores' goes a long way towards disarming, while defining, our primal fear of creatures that feed on blood."--Publishers Weekly

"With great scientific accuracy... and a sense of breathless discovery, Schutt will make blood feeding just another choice on the culinary spectrum." --Booklist

"...the definitive account of blood feeding in nature-- an unstoppable, exhilarating read." --Michael Novacek


"Schutt hooks the reader on the first page... riveting... well-rounded... engrossing science. An excellent choice for the high school student considering a science career and for the general reader." --Library Journal


“A witty, scientifically accurate and often intensely creepy exploration of sanguivorous creatures, from leeches to vampire bats.” --San Francisco Chronicle


“Dark Banquet is an amazing account of all those creatures that most of us consider really creepy! It’s great to see such wonderful animal research in a reader-friendly form.” --Jack Hanna

"What starts out as a horror movie of a book morphs into an entrancing exploration of the living world." --Carl Zimmer  


"Dr. Schutt may have a doctorate in Zoology but he has also mastered the pen along the way. And, he gets an A+ for his droll sense of humor." --Roanoke Times


"The pages of Dark Banquet are engorged with the fascinating biology of vampires... Bill Schutt effectively defangs the mythology surrounding these amazing animals and gives a thorough, accurate, and entertaining account of the blood-feeding lifestyle."--Bat Research News

"It's creepy, funny, and really really interesting." --Baltimore Sun

"The author combines biological expertise, historical anecdotes, and a playful sense of humor to carry the reader through what could potentially be an orgy of “gross-me-out” sensationalism... Schutt is an engrossing guide." --The East Hampton Star

"Zoologist Bill Schutt, through witty, informed writing, transforms bloodsuckers into enticing creatures." --Metro NY

"With captivating illustrations by Patricia J. Wynne, Schutt tells of his findings, in easy-to-follow narratives, sometimes startling and often entertaining, in which a passion for science and knowledge shine through." --Gatehouse News Service

"Schutt reveals elements of nature that few authors have written about with such vigor and wit." --Albuquerque Journal

"Schutt illuminates the bizarre world of sanguivores with the wizened voice of a biologist who's gotten his hands dirty."--Orion Magazine


"The author's conversational style and gentle sense of humor serve the topic well, allowing the painless delivery of some impressive lessons in biology, evolution, and how science works." --BATS Magazine


"Even if you're not among those who find bloodsuckers cute, you'll enjoy this journey into the bizarre and challenging lives of blood-feeding creatures... With a healthy dose of humor and solid science, Dark Banquet asks only that we offer up a little understanding, and maybe even a fair shake, to all."--Barnes and Noble


"...absorbing and interesting, well-written volume... educational and fun to read. Written in clear language in a witty conversational style... intriguing... Highly recommended." --American Library Assoc.


"A compelling look at species we know, but do our best to avoid." --West Virginia Gazette


"My vote for the most fun and best-written "nature book" of the past several years."--Idaho Nature Notes


"I love biologist Bill Schutt's book... Schutt writes with obvious enthusiasm about fascinating creatures that, quite frankly, repel most of us. He celebrates "real-life vampires" without glossing over the fact that some of them can be pretty horrible to encounter." --The Nature Conservancy

"Schutt uncloaks his subject with macabre wit."--Cornell Alumni Magazine


Desmodus rotundus. Photo by Scott Altenbach


                                                                                             This website details Bill Schutt's critically acclaimed book - Now available in paperback

Dark Banquet was named one of the "Best  Books of 2008" by

Library Journal named Dark Banquet "One of the Best Sci-Tech Books of 2008".

Barnes and Noble selected Dark Banquet for its 2008 "Discover Great New Writers" program.

Dark Banquet was the featured (and cover) article in Natural History Magazine (Nov. 2008 issue).

Pulitzer Prize winner, Natalie Angier's article on Bill Schutt and Dark Banquet headlined the Science Times section of The New York Times .

Dark Banquet
was mentioned on the Front Page of The New York Times (Oct. 21, 2008).

Alice Cooper talked about Dark Banquet during a "Freaky Facts" segment of his internationally syndicated radio show, "Nights with Alice Cooper."

DB garnered great reviews in The Washington Post, Discover Magazine, Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Orion.  

Bill Schutt appeared on the Halloween edition of NPR's award-winning "Science Fridays" as well as "Talk of the Nation""Citiscapes" and "Living on Earth."

Schutt was interviewed by Boyd Matson for "National Geographic Weekend", and appeared on "Quirks and Quarks" for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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